Jazan Chinese District Masterplan, Saudi Arabia


EUASIA Ltd were commissioned by the Royal Commission of Jazan, Saudi Arabia, to design a residential district as part of the Community Zone of a major industrial city on Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast. The district, covering some 155.6 ha, in the City of Jazan, is to cater for a Chinese community as part of China’s major future investment in the industrial city. A specialized design for the district, which reflects Chinese urban features (both traditional and modern) was prepared to accommodate an ultimate resident population of 12,500.


An emphasis on mixed-use development, segregation of vehicular and pedestrian circulation and other green features was key in the design. The planning and design was also based on comprehensive research on the latest Chinese city planning trends, as well as on traditional international Chinatown developments.


Heritage Planning and Waterfront Upgrading in Downtown Yangon, Myanmar

Appointed by the French Development Agency (AFD), EUASIA Ltd undertook reconnaissance visits, proofs of concepts, and prepared Terms of Reference and contract documents for the upgrading of a market and restoration of a colonial building for a new National Library in Yangon’s downtown as part of a waterfront regeneration project.


A Project Management Unit was also constituted for the entire waterfront regeneration programme (currently being implemented) to encourage tourism on the waterfront.


Regional Multi-sector Investment Framework for the Greater Mekong Strategy (GMS) Development – Corridor Development

EUASIA’s director Stuart Gilchriest was hired by ADB in the GMS regional cooperation program with multi-sector investment approaches. Cross Border Concept Plans in the GMS countries (Cambodia/Vietnam; Myanmar/Thailand and China/Laos) were prepared to enhance links in tourism and trade between countries.


Key infrastructure projects were identified as part of the border concept plans. Ministers at the GMS ministerial conference in Kunming endorsed the preliminary outcomes.


Xiao Meng Industrial Park Northern D Zone Lots Development

Given that so much industrial planning in China is mainstream and highly standardised, with resulting problems of oversupply and abundance of routine-style building environments, there is a need to create innovative, high quality industrial environments.


EUASIA Ltd created an innovative design for the industrial park, heavily influenced by the natural environment and green issues. All planning layouts, building typologies and urban design concepts were also realistic to the financial viability of the project, and included a flexible phasing strategy designed to attract investment to the area.


Jubail City Centre Master Planning, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

EUASIA Ltd were responsible for planning, designing and supervising the detailed design for a new city centre on a bayside waterfront site of 250 ha to help diversify the city of Jubail as a destination for business, recreation and tourism.


A series of business and tourism-related concept designs were prepared around the bayside city centre including a business hub, marinas, shopping complexes, waterfront parks, an aquarium and an innovative museum of the oil industry (the Petropolis).


Jeddah Transport Master Plan, Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A transport master plan has been prepared to alleviate growing congestion in the city of Jeddah and to help better structure its future growth. EUASIA Ltd were called as subconsultant to CDM Smith to advise on how the future development can be adapted to the transport system being planned.


Best practices on integrated land use and transport systems and innovative urban design solutions to plan strategic station nodes, to include the Al Balad district in the old urban core, were used. The plan included new strategic development areas and the Transit-Oriented-Development principles for local neighbourhood centres.


Golden Pond Lake Master Plan Project, Guiyang, China


EUASIA Ltd was responsible for a comprehensive master plan and urban design strategy to introduce mixed-use development to rehabilitate an important hi tech zone in South West China in Guizhou Province.


Detailed plans were produced for a business core, knowledge- based economic corridor, luxury mixed use housing, entertainment area and a series of urban ecological corridors linked to major infrastructure including a new fast rail station.


Yi Yang Fish Shaped Mountain Satellite City Master Plan, Hunan, China

The Fish Shaped Mountain area lies near to Yi Yang, a satellite town to the west of Changsha, in Hunan Province. The proposed Master Plan for the satellite city (pop. 380,000) includes sustainable leisure development, natural conservation, Transit-Oriented Development and low-carbon solutions integrated with innovative pedestrian friendly environments.


Detailed urban design concept layout plans were prepared for: recreational facilities, rehabilitation of a historical site, strategy for rural conservation, and urban gateway developments including and International shopping centre and convention/ exhibition complex.


Al Mardumah District Plan, Eastern Province, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

EUASIA Ltd was responsible for the urban planning and urban design of Al Mardumah district in Al Jubail. The plan area covers 980 ha, divided into four sectors which were planned to accommodate workers who will be attracted to Jubail (as a result of major industrial expansion of the petro-chemical industry here) in fully self supporting and environmentally friendly communities.


Upon completion Al Mardumah will provide some 8,500 new housing units, both apartments and villas, serving a population of 42,000.



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