Conceptual Feasibility Study for a Museum Hotel with Arts Exhibition for University of the Third Age in Yantai, Shandong

EUASIA Ltd were invited to plan a new concept design for a combined hotel and museum for the University of the Third Age (U3As), aimed at senior tourists from China and abroad. The concept, part of a tourism hub which includes the World Senior Tourism Study Tour Federation Headquarters, (a new internationally recognized organization that promotes and develops senior tourism in China and internationally) is located on a prime waterfront site at Tianma Royal City. It is planned to be the first of its kind internationally.


A leisure arts theme was expressed for the hotel. The image of an urban street, with the rest areas at the internal piazzas and the hotel rooms themed as small houses, formed part of the concept. EUASIA Ltd also proposed a pedestrian street outside the hotel.

Expressway Programme Group 4 - Landscape and Artscape Design for Al Khufoos Street - Doha, State of Qatar

EUASIA Ltd were commissioned for urban and artscape design and landscaping inputs to undertake the road beautification project for Al Khufoos street, a major artery in Doha, Qatar.


A series of innovative landscape and artscape features were defined, each relating to different character zones along the road corridor but linked together by a common design element, in the form of a pulse which represents movement and continuity. EUASIA provided design consultancy services from Conceptual, Preliminary to Detailed Design being also closely involved in the Tender documentation and technical advice.


Expressway Programme Group 4 - Landscape and Artscape Design for Al Furosiya Street - Doha, State of Qatar

EUASIA Ltd were commissioned to develop an artscape and landscape strategy for one of Doha’s major roads, Furosiya Street, which is to be upgraded into an urban expressway. The street is home to important landmarks, such as Aspire Park, Doha Zoo and the Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club.


Importantly the strategy also expands attractions beyond the city centre and acts as a catalyst to regenerate suburban areas into more exciting destinations.


Jubail City Centre Marketing Strategy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Following our work on the planning and urban design of the city centre for Jubail, EUASIA Ltd were asked to assist in the marketing of the city centre by detailing key projects along the waterfront.


Detailed conceptual designs were prepared for key developments. These included a marina, bay-side mixed-use apartments, a modern souk, an aquarium, waterfront promenades with commercial frontages and an iconic edutainment centre, that highlights the Eastern Province’s oil heritage and international standing. The city centre has already attracted key anchor developments, notably the Sabic Headquarters.


Urban Design Restructuring Plan for the Al Batha Corridor, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

EUASIA Ltd with Faisal Abdullah Al-Blehed and Partner Company for Engineering Consultancies (FAB) devised a traffic management plan, supplemented by an urban design study with important recommendations including:

  • Comprehensive redevelopment of gateway sites;
  • Pedestrianisation and beautification of local streets;
  • Redevelopment and rehabilitation of an old souq area in the centre of the old city;
  • Innovative design of public footbridges to act as key landmarks in the public realm and encourage links between key sites.



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