Conceptual Master Planning for Prime Site in the Yantai Economic and Technological Development Area (YEDA) for the Permanent Headquarters of the World Senior Tourism Study Tours Federation (WSTF) (2018-2019)


EUASIA Ltd put forward a team of tourism planners, urban designers, lighting and museum experts to plan a coastal tourism and education hub in the Yantai Economic Development Area (YEDA) that will accommodate the headquarters of the WSTF (Its first world congress was held in May 2018).


The development included the design of a regenerated waterfront for tourism, senior tourism facilities, an innovative combined hotel/art museum, a convention centre and an iconic building, the Art Gate.


Regional Coastline Tourism Development Plan From Penglai, east of Long Island, Yan Wei Administrative Boundary line and West Kunyu Mountain (2017-2018)


EUASIA Ltd devised a coastal tourism master plan for the north Shandong coast between Penglai and areas east of Yantai. A series of key projects were identified to act as anchors to attract tourists taking into account the coast’s important infrastructure improvements.


Du’an Chengjiang National Wetland Park Tourism Planning, Guangxi, China (2014)


An ecotourism strategy and Master Plan together with conceptual building designs were prepared for the National Wetland Park of the Chengjiang Valley, a highly scenic karst area of Guangxi Province.


The design includes an education and service centre; a karst museum; an organic wine farm as well as the restoration/creation of four wetland habitats: lake habitat, flower trail, forest wetland habitat and mosaic habitat.


Sub-Regional Development Plan for Tsunami-Affected Region, Thailand (2005-2006)

Following the devastation of Thailand’s Andaman coast caused by the tsunamis of December 2004, the Ministry of Finance of Thailand requested assistance from ADB for the most affected provinces.


EUASIA Ltd provided project management services, regional and urban planning and tourism planning inputs to prepare a tourism strategy for the Andaman coast, restructure tourist resort areas affected by the tsunami, improve waterfront areas and prepare a Tourism and Environmental Management Plan for Phang Nga Bay.


Tourism Master Plan for Zhoushan Islands, Zhejiang, China (2006)


EUASIA Ltd provided a full team comprising tourism planning and marketing specialists town planners, urban designers, conservation and ecotourism experts to prepare a Tourism Master Plan for the Zhoushan Islands archipelago, with important markets in Ningbo and Shanghai. Resort planning, ecotourism circuits and urban cultural tourism action plans were prepared.


Dalian Coastal Tourism Master Plan (2004-2005)


EUASIA Ltd provided inputs into the study on coastal tourism, planning a strategy for the development of the coast from Lushun to the Changhai Islands.


Coastal Land use Planning Zones were designated to plan for a variety of tourism products and to ensure environmental sustainability to avoid overdevelopment and promote exclusive tourism. An implementation programme and series of short term action plans were identified.


Development Strategy for Koh Chang Islands, Thailand (2003)


A regional plan was prepared following a planning and tourism strategy devised by EUASIA Ltd for the Koh Chang Islands and environs in Trat Province, Thailand.


The strategy divided the archipelago into different zones for specific tourism products depending on the islands’ carrying capacity, ease of access and environmental assets. The strategy included general and high-end tourism areas as well as marine and terrestrial sports products.


UNWTO Missions


EUASIA Ltd’s senior staff have also consistently carried out independent missions, including those for project management for important tourism master plans for UNWTO, including:


  • Tourism Master Plan for Heilongjiang Province, PRC, (2019)
  • National Tourism Workshop for Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Ministry of Environment and Tourism (2018)
  • Tourism Development Strategy for Nanxun District, Zhejiang Province, PRC (2018)
  • Shandong Province Tourism Development Master Plan, PRC (Coastal Tourism) 2016-2025, (2016)
  • Mission on Sustainable Tourism to Chang Dao Island and Muping Districts, Yantai, PRC (2017)
  • Review of National Tourism Plan for Philippines, Ministry of Tourism (2016)
  • Development of a Sustainable Tourism Policy for 5th Fiji National Plan, Min. of Industry, Trade and Tourism (2016)
  • Uttarakhand Tourism Master Plan, India (2007)
  • Green Belt Redevelopment of Tourism Infrastructure along the Sri Lankan Coastline, Sri Lanka, Sri Lankan Tourism Board (2007)
  • Development Strategy for Mount Kumgang, North Korea, (2003)
  • Tourism Development Strategy for Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, (2003)


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