EUASIA provides its services with a unique personal approach to our clients using international best practice as a catalyst for achieving the best practical and sustainable solutions and designs. We also associate successfully in many multidisciplinary projects jointly with other large consultancies, well-known experts and institutions providing a holistic planning service to our clients.

Our professional services to clients meeting their particular needs in the following areas:



  • Strategic Planning: Formulation of regional master plans, development strategies and strategic plans for residential communities, airports, ports, logistics and major industrial areas and related urban development.
  • District Planning: Planning Background and Context Review, Assessment of Site attributes, Option development, Development requirements and planning approach, Open Space and Landscape elements, detailed Sector layout plans (neighbourhood, open space hierarchy and circulation).
  • Urban Development: Urban growth strategies, development of metropolitan sub-centres, city centre planning,  detailed action area plans, planning feasibility studies, implementation, and urban renewal proposals.


Tourism master plans, marketing studies, tourism feasibility assessment, recreation and leisure facility planning, conceptual resort design, enhancement of areas of outstanding natural or cultural features and mission reports for international agencies.



City centres concepts, urban design conceptual frameworks, preparation of development design guidelines, detailed design of roads and utilities, activity areas design, residential development parameters, urban design and conceptual landscape masterplanning and implementation.


Our Working partners:

OfCA_Officina Cutillo Architetti (Cutillo Architecture Office, Italy)

• Valeche Studio, Hong Kong

• Goldsmith College, University of London, United Kingdom

• Faisal Abdullah Al-Blehed and Partner Company for Engineering

Consultancies (FAB), Saudi Arabia

• University of Naples, Italy

National Research Council (CNR), Italy

TPMA Consulting Limited

Gilchriest Consult SPRL

Client base includes:

• United Nations World Tourism Organization

• Asian Development Bank

• Shandong Provincial Tourism Administration

• Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

• Government of Myanmar

• Agence Française de Développement

• Yantai Tianma Industrial Development Co. Ltd.


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